Digitizing Hand-Written Comments

Over the last few days I’ve been pretty much floored with what seems to be a viral infection. I was at first worried that it might be bacterial when I noticed a change of color, but Dr. Jenkins disagreed, and told me to continue to do what I’ve done the last five days: Lay low, drink lots of fluids, take some Robotussin and some Mutrinex. Grrreat. By down I’m really sick of oozing from so many places.

I’ve taken the time to re-read my entire blog and mark things that are important or need clarification. Printed out in 12 point font font, my blog is 159 pages long and contains roughly 104,000 words. I find that rather satisfactory and surprising. When I went through it, I found many things that I had forgotten, but that were important to mention, but also many open leads.

Today I tried to digitize the comments, i.e. add them to the blog, but it’s taking it’s time. Maybe I should have done it that way right away, but last Saturday, when I did most of the work, I didn’t want to take a laptop with me when I was eating my strawberries at the cafe.

I think it’ll take another day to get the remaining comments into the blog. But I’m just having trouble staying up for too long, working, and doing my every-day-chores like cleaning, shopping, and laundry. At least the last two are done for now. I think now I’ll watch a movie and fall asleep.


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