Upgrade to WordPress 2.1

I finally dared to make the upgrade to WordPress 2.1. I hope that everything still works. Unrolling WordPress is an incredible pain.

Update: I had to update and patch some of the plugins, but so far, everything seems to work. On the other hand, besides the capability to export WXR (WordPress eXtended RSS) and some more optical bling like color fades and AJAX-expandable tabs, I can’t really see anything that was important in the upgrade. (@I guess autosave is worth something, if it works.@)

I really wanted the WXR, though, because it seemed to be the easiest way to import my blog into one hosted at wordpress.com, which I could then use with blurb.com to create a blog book. However, the BookSmart software is buggy, and the book looked stupid. So I gave up.

I found a cool plugin, though, that allows me to insert footnotes, as already exemplified above. I think I may use that instead or in addition to Updates in the future. And the wp-polls plugin is nice too. Maybe I’ll use it.

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