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In the last two weeks, I’ve been so sick and slept most of the time, or at most read through my comments and digitized them, that I hardly got anything done. During the last three days, when I started to feel better, I’ve had mad 8 to 10 hour coding sessions to implement the idea about how to delineate threads by invariant before I got sick. I finally got done, but the sickness and this coding project halted my work on the thesis.

In retrospect, I think the refactoring and the concurrency definitions turned out to be very smooth, smoother than I had originally intended, even though there still are some rough edges, but it’ll have to do now. It’s nice that both kinds of XML files can be handled exactly the same now, and that they all get merged, eliminating redundant checks.

During the last two weeks, I’ve really just slept, tried to stay hydrated, performed some simple tasks that didn’t need too much focusing, like upgrading my blog software to WordPress 2.1 (finally, from 1.5) and making minor fixes, done a number of backups (scalar to DVD and USB hard drive, Perforce to DVD and USB hard drive, my old quantum account to USB hard drive, and manifold to scalar’s backup partition — yes, that all took a LONG time). Now at least I got some coding done.

Anyway, I’ve done so little, I haven’t even had time to read my “Time” magazine from last weekend, even though its cover story sounds very interesting: “Where the Right Went Wrong”. I long to read it, but now the new “Time” issue has arrived, and its feature article is “Why the Bible Should Be Taught in Schools”. Another must-read. Somehow, I don’t like their new format, introduced two or three issue ago, as much anymore. It’s too hard to browse, the columns of the articles are too wide for comfortable reading, the entire magazine seems disorganized. However, I’m sure I’ll miss a magazine like “Time” once it expires, so maybe I’ll return to “Newsweek” again. For now, I’ve decided to watch a movie and then go to bed early (probably midnight or 1 AM instead of 9 AM).

So far, “James Bond 007 – Casino Royale” has been a very different Bond, and somehow rather disappointing. Sure, he’s gruff, the entire movie is gritty, but where is Bond? It probably had the most complex beginning, but then… Come on, a card game to finance terrorism? I thought terrorists would be smarter than to resort to gambling, which, after all, is a tax only to be paid by those who are bad at math. I own all Bond movies (including “Never Say Never”, which I don’t really consider legitimage) on DVD. I’m glad I only rented “Casino Royale”. Towards the end, Brosnan was hard to see (especially in his invisible car), but this… is just not Bond. I’m a faithful fan of the series, though, so I’m sure to look at Daniel Craig 007 in a few years.

The coughing isn’t as bad anymore, even though tonight it returned a bit, but at night it often gets worse. I’ve also had incredibly painful leg cramps in my lower left leg when I tried to get up Friday and Saturday morning. I think my neighbors must have suspected I got slaughtered. And the hours of straight coding made my left shoulder go numb again. The leg and should still hurt a bit, but I don’t think it should impede my ability to return to work tomorrow.

I hope I’ll be well again soon. I really miss beer — completely stayed away from alcohol — and Beer Bike is coming up. Wish me good night and good luck ;)


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