Concutest Community Project

Some time this morning, after seeing the results of the conversion to concurrency definition-based XML files, I had the idea of trying to turn the project to gather all information about Java’s concurrency invariants into a community effort.

I first thought I’d create a database, but then I decided I’d use what I know best: A WordPress blog. So now I’m hosting another blog, called the Concutest Community Project at

The idea is that anyone can register and write posts describing concurrency invariants. The posts can be sorted into categories based on the kind of invariants and the package the class is in. Other people can comment on the validity of the posts or use a 5-star gadget to rate the quality, and every once in a while, I’ll go through the posts, verify the information, and generate a new version of the Java API database.

Since the information is categorized by invariant and package, it’s also easier to browse and find concurrency invariants for classes a developer uses.

We’ll see how it goes.


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