One Hundred

Writing today worked out just wonderfully. I got up, showered, brushed my theeth and… basically started writing and haven’t done anything since. Unfortunately, I think I’ve neglected my nutrition and lovely girlfriend in the process. Yesterday, on Saturday, it was a bit harder to get started, so I wrote until late at night.

But in general, I wrote a lot during the last three days. I changed the order of a few sections, filled in many blanks, and today broke the 100-page barrier (including front matter and bibliography; without the title pages, tables of contents, and bibliography, I’m at 84 pages).

I never would have thought that I’ve got so much to write! 84 pages of content, more than 100 pages overall, and I haven’t even finished the “meatiest” parts of the thesis; I still have to describe predicate annotations, general ideas of bytecode rewriting, schedule recording, the deadlock monitor, and random sleeps and yields.

Maybe I am being too verbose. I’ll check that later. It’s always easier to take things out.

I made a sticky post with updates about my thesis writing progress.


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