I defended!

I haven’t written in a few days. There was a bit of chaos in my life last week, so I never got around to really gestate the subsumption post below, basing invariants on the static type and all the other things Corky and I talked about.

On Tuesday, Corky and I went over my thesis in greater depth, and we talked more about how we could extend the invariant annotation framework. On Wednesday, Corky and I emailed a few times and talked on the phone… Because today…

Today I defended my Master’s Thesis and passed.

Unfortunately, we started a bit late, and my presentation was pretty long (Diana said an hour and 50 minutes), but that was partially due to lots of comments and questions that I answered in between. I think some of these questions could perhaps have moved towards the end, but I didn’t mind. There were only very few questions at the end. I just felt bad for some of the students who had to endure such a long defense. But then again, I had brought them snacks: Cookies, mini-donuts, grapes and a veggie platter. Diana helped me set up.

Now, of course, I still have to rework my draft a bit, but it feels grrreat to have passed the defense. Here are some pictures my girlfriend and I took.


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