Paperful Writing

The last three or four days I’ve done most of my reasoning on my trusted old hardcover checker lined notebooks. It’s somehow still easier to erase your mistakes there, and to draw arrows from one point to another.

I came up with many wrong models, but I think I’m getting closer. I’m scanning my pencil drawings to help my bad memory, though.

In the last few days I also fixed (or at least patched) a bug in DrJava: When Java 6 was being used to run DrJava and tools.jar was not on the class path, the wrong tools.jar was picked. The code to find the right tools.jar file was recently refactored, and large pieces of my code, mainly code to look inside the tools.jar to find the exact version and a dialog box that exactly explained the problem with mismatched JVM/tools.jar versions, were commented out. The code looks a lot nicer now, but the refactoring was buggy.

I think this might have been a step ahead for the developer but a step backward for the user.


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