Implication for @Combine

As during the last few days, I’m in the process of implementing some of Bill’s excellent suggestions. I have written an XOR operator for @Combine annotations and am now testing it more extensively. I have found a few bugs in the process already.

Soon I’ll begin to implement an implications operator. The problem is that I can’t really think of a way to generalize implication to more than two operands, and it definitely doesn’t work for less than two. So I think I’ll require it to have exactly two operands, and then I’ll also reverse my stance on the NOT operator and make it unary instead of using de Morgan’s law to generalize not to ANDN. That’s what the operation (NOT a) AND (NOT b) is called, as Dr. Greiner informed me.

My girlfriend informed me that I’d be really trendy if I worked on my thesis here in the cafe with free wireless. I feel like I’m a “Spassbremse” — a fun stopper. It’s a tad bit difficult to get work done right now, because officially I’m on vacation. I always have to maintain that casual, relaxed vacation look on my face. But I’ll try ;)


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