Still Trouble with Escaping in the Tokenizer

I thought yesterday I finished the escaping part of the new tokenizer, but there are still some problems. If the escape character appears alone, it disappears completely, making it impossible to enter one, or even two or more escape characters. I still need to fix this. I’ve begun to hate escaping.

I got bored with working on the tokenizer, so I added a few easy things that I’ve been wanting to add (or rather: been wanting someone to add) to DrJava for a long time. When auto-completing a word, now you can auto-complete the fully classified path, and it’s also possible to auto-complete all standard Java API classes. It’s still not solved optimally, but it works. I’ll refactor it the other day.

Today I gave a brief introduction into using the YourKit Java Profiler in our COMP 312 class, and today was the first day in about two weeks that I made it home before midnight. I have the strong intention of not going to the office tomorrow. We’ll see if I can keep that up.


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