A Summary of COMP 312

Here’s a short summary of this semester’s COMP 312 class: We had the manpower, but not much was done.

Consider the minor projects I had outlined before the class. These are the ones I implemented on my own:

  • 145545, “Find Again” for “Find All” (Feature 1504566)
  • 145868, Allow Auto-Completion with Fully Qualified Class Name
  • 144164, Add Java 6.0 to Options
  • 145518, Make “Run” Switch to Interactions Pane Again

This one was started by other developers, but I finished it:

  • 145554, Fix Javadoc with -private flag

This one was completed by another developer without my involvement:

  • 145546, Fix Line Number Not Available in JUnit

And these are the ones we did not finish:

  • 145550, Turn on “Hour Glass” When Indenting Code (Bug 687674)
  • 145557, Empty java files cause junit test error
  • 124006, Array Entries as Debugger Watches (Feature 1356085)
  • 144162, Default Imports for Interactions Pane

Considering that we had seven developers, with four of them in COMP 312, I had expected to implement every project on this list. Instead, we only finished 6 out of the 10 tasks, and I worked on 5 of them. Only one task was completed without my involvement, and one was partially implemented, but the changes did not cover all aspects of the problem. It is sad that only two minor projects were attacked at all by the COMP 312 developers, and only a single one was completed satisfactorily.

Of the major COMP 312 projects, I had hoped that each pair of developers in COMP 312 would finish two projects, perhaps a total of seven projects. In the end, we completed three projects and made good progress on four others, so it looks like we got close to achieving my goals. However, if you consider that I completed two projects on my own, worked on another one alone, and had to finish the only major project that was started by COMP 312 students, then this part of the summary is as bad as the first part.

These were the projects I worked on without anyone else:

  • 144166, External Tools Facility
  • 145866, Auto-Completion Based on Compiled Class Files
  • 145867, Allow Auto-Completion for Standard Java API Classes

This project was started by other developers, but I finished it:

  • 145543, Automatically Add New Files to Project (Feature 1444433)

Three other developers worked on these three projects and made good progress, but did not complete the task:

  • 70906, Indent Bugs & Parser Bugs, 2007-11-19
  • 145552, Problems With New Interpreter
  • Update the Eclipse Plugin

And these major projects were not approached:

  • 145869, Allow “Open Javadoc” for JUnit 3.8.2
  • 145556, Change Double-Click Selection and Next/Prev Word
  • 145559, Ensuring DrJava’s JUnit Works With Large Projects
  • 145558, Ensure that DrJava Works after Sleep/Hibernate
  • 145553, Pasting While Inside a Comment Should Auto-*
  • 145551, java.class.path does not reflect Extra Classpath (Bug 991311)
  • 145549, Make Non-Default Key Bindings Work in All Text Areas (Bug 676588)
  • 145548, Ensure Compatibility with Windows Vista
  • 145547, Ensure Compatibility with Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard)
  • 145544, Replace All Limited to Selection (Feature 1461858)
  • 145542, Automatic Trace (Feature 1369672)
  • 145541, Imports should persist over breakpoints (Feature 1418853)
  • 144165, “Auto-Import” Dialog for Definitions Pane
  • 124039, “Search All Files” Progress and Abort (Feature 1431014)

Unfortunately, I have no idea what has changed over the last few years and why the last two or three iterations of COMP 312 less successful.


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