New DrJava Feature Requests

Today I submitted four new feature requests for DrJava:

  1. [ 2002071 ] Allow User-Specified Javadoc Links
  2. [ 2002195 ] Next/Previous Match Keys for Current RegionsTreePanel
  3. [ 2002096 ] Export Pane Contents to Clipboard
  4. [ 2002161 ] Project-Persistent Find All Panels

The first one was a feature that I’ve been wanting for a long time, since I just can’t remember the names of any of the classes and methods in the PLT utilities, a library I usually don’t have checked out as source code.

The second feature request is something that I had thought about for a while as well: I often use F3/Shift-F3 to go to the next or previous match of the string currently entered in the “Find/Replace” pane. However, this only works for that word, so I often have to switch back to a second word, then back to the first word! There should be equivalents to the F3/Shift-F3 shortcuts that operate on the matches in the currently selected “Find All” pane, or the “Breakpoints” or “Bookmarks” pane, since they’re all RegionsTreePanel subclasses.

The final two feature requests actually arose from writing the previous blog post (which was an email to the mailing list first): I wanted an easier way to extract the “Find All” results, and after I had sent the email and continued my work on another issue, I realized that I’ll have to run these searches again once the other developers have responded to my email and we have decided on a course of action.


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