Lecture 1 Review

The first lecture went well, even though I initially had problems with the projectors. I couldn’t get my notebook hooked up, so I used the podium PC. I also did not yet have card access to get into Symonds 1, but I could not set up early anyway because there was a class in the lab. My time is sandwiched between two other classes, so I really can’t start much before 10 AM and need to be out by 11 AM.

We went over the general information. Here I should have mentioned that the students can anonymously complain to Dr. Wong if they have a problem with me.

We did a quick review of IList and LRStruct and the design patterns involved. Then we already started with the lab material, talking about how to set up words. Composite, state and visitor with three cases came up. We will continue that in class.

On Friday, we might talk about the games they did at the end of COMP 201.

After a summer of waiting, I failed to consciously register one of the most anticipated things: the number of students. I think there were six or seven.

Also, I’m terribly disappointed by the clumsy interface of my video camera. I failed to record my first lecture on video.


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