Lecture 2 Review

Today I finally got the camera set up correctly, I talked some more about the encapsulation issues that came up in the lab, I used index cards for some role-playing for the word list algorithms, and we talked about list algorithms.

I think the role-playing went well, although next time I should perhaps let the students do all of it. This time, I was the “visitor”, so a lot of what was going on was decided by me. On the other hand, this allowed me to mix the role-playing exercise with telling what the algorithms did.

For the list algorithms, we talked about reversing and appending. For appending, I could not find an algorithm that required a helper; my algorithm didn’t need a helper, but it wasn’t tail-recursive. We briefly talked about tail-recursion optimization.

In general, I’m quite happy with today’s lecture, although the video showed that I do have quite a few “uh”s as speech disfluencies, and that I could vary my pitch more. I still couldn’t get into the lab using my ID card, but I’ll check again on my way home.

Lecture 2

Using index cards and role-playing to teach the visitor design pattern in lecture 2.


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