I love yUML

I haven’t blogged in a long time again, and I don’t know when I’ll have the chance to update you about everything I have been doing. Aside from finishing COMP 402 and bringing DrJava to a state where we can create a new beta version, I have been working on two conference submissions, but since one of them isn’t submitted yet and the other one is currently in peer review, I want to remain silent about them for now.

I ran into a diagram generator website a few days ago, and today it came in very handy to quickly create AST diagrams. I must say I really love yUML.me. You can design diagrams just by writing a link. For example, the diagram below is dynamically created from the link

http://yuml.me/diagram/class/[JCMethodInv o.foo1().foo2()]method->[JCFieldA x.foo2()],
[JCFieldA x.foo2()]selected->[JCMethodInv o.foo1()], [JCMethodInv o.foo1()]method->[JCFieldA x.foo1()],
[JCFieldA x.foo1()]selected->[JCIdent o], [JCFieldA x.foo2()]name->[Name foo2],
[JCFieldA x.foo1()]name->[Name foo1]

yUML Diagram

Anyway, back to work on secret things ;-)


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