New Mint Release: r15085

I just created a new release of Mint and DrJava with Mint: February 12, 2010 (r15085). The release is available from the Mint implementation page:

The two changes since the last release involve CSP values and escapes in bracket statements. Instead of storing CSP values in a CSP table, we now store CSP values in individual fields. This reduces the overhead by eliminating an array lookup. The serializer benchmark benefited from this, for example.

We now also allow non-void escapes in bracket statements. For example, the following code is now allowed:

Code x = <| 1 |>;
Code c = <| { `x } |>;

In the past, this caused an error because 1 was not a statement. The Mint compiler now accepts this and discards the result of the escape if it is used in statement form, but it does emit a warning.

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