Code<?> Escaped As Statement

A few days ago, I changed the Mint compiler to allow non-void code objects to be spliced in where statement form is required:

Code x = <| 1 |>;
Code c = <| { `x } |>;

This essentially generates the code below, which allows the 1 to be discarded:

<| { { Object temp = 1; } } |>;

Eddy pointed out that there is still a problem: Since I do a static type check on the type argument of Code<T>, the proper form cannot be determined if there is a wildcard Code<?>. We can check at run-time whether a code object is in statement form or whether it is an expression whose result needs to be discarded, but we cannot simply write an if-statement, because one of the alternatives would always be syntactically incorrect:

<| { if (c.isStat) { `c; // already in statement form } else { Object temp = `c; // expression, discard result } } |>;

If c.isStat is true, then the else-branch is syntactically incorrect; if c.isStat is false, then there is a syntax error in the then-branch. Eddy pointed out that we can handle the Code<?> case, though, because the two branches are in future-stage code. That is, we can turn

<| { `(c); } |>


if (c.isStat) {
<| { `(c); } |>
} else {
<| Object temp = `c; |>

Unfortunately, this gets more complicated if there is more than one Code<?> being escaped in. We would have 2^n cases, where n is the number of Code<?> objects being stitched in:

<| { `(c); `(d); } |>

would have to be turned into

if (c.isStat && d.isStat) {
<| { `(c); `(d); } |>
} else if (c.isStat && !d.isStat) {
<| { `(c); { Object temp = `d; } } |>
} else if (!c.isStat && d.isStat) {
<| { { Object temp = `c; } `(d); } |>
} else {
<| { Object temp = `c; } { Object temp = `d; } |>

I think for now I will change the compiler so that escaping a Code<?> in as a statement generates a compiler error. It seems like this is an unimportant corner case, and I don’t want to spend my time on something that is rarely beneficial. Again, this only happens for Code<?>, and only when escaping into bracket with a code block where statement form is required by Java rules.


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