Hudson Server Swapping Itself to Death

After fixing the DrJava unit tests that failed and before heading to PLDI tomorrow, I thought I’d start up our Hudson server again. Unfortunately, it pretty quickly starts swapping itself to death. I don’t know what changed. Did our memory consumption increase so much? I have a hard time believing that. Did something in Hudson change? I’m not getting an OutOfMemoryError, though, either.

I also noticed that denmark.cs, our server, only has 512 MB RAM. That is pitiful, of course, so perhaps I should add some more memory. But how sensible is it to spend $50 for 2x1GB of DDR2 memory for a Pentium 4 system?

On another note, also related to hardware, my desktop at home greeted me with a crash “due to a thermal event” this morning. Whenever I had watched the temperature readings of the CPU, they were very low, never above 50 C, but maybe I do need to reapply the thermal grease. Ugh…. and I’m so busy.


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