August Braindump

This isn’t really going to be well-formatted, but I want to write down a few things that I have on my mind… This blog is for me anyway, not for you.

I need to rewrite the DrJava JDK descriptors to use the null object pattern instead of the [cci lang=”java”]null[/cci] constant. Checking for [cci lang=”java”]null[/cci] is icky. (Update: This is done now, and it’s so much more beautiful.)

I should try to help one of Prof. Mankoff’s students who has a problem with the Media Computation library. (Update: I emailed back and tried to help as much as I could, but I haven’t heard if it was enough.)

In integrating Habanero Java into DrJava, it seems like Polyglot doesn’t have the right classpath and can’t find [cci lang=”java”]hj.lang.Runtime[/cci].(Update: This is done now, and it’s working.)

It took me forever to find out how the -hj option is defined in Soot, but now I have realized that soot_options.xml defines the options, and the class is autogenerated. It contains a [cci lang=”java”]hj()[/cci] getter.


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