Two Pieces of Fail

I encountered two pieces of fail today already.

Fail number 1: Absolutely no place to park my bike. This has been pretty much the case ever since the undergrads have been back. Rice built two new colleges right next to the building I work in, but didn’t consider what an increased resident population would do to bike rack space: The undergrads, of course, store their bikes semi-permanently on the bike racks that we need to commute.

This is what the bike racks looked like shortly after 9 AM this morning:

Overfull Duncan Hall Bike Rack, 9:15 AM

Overfull Duncan Hall Bike Rack, 9:15 AM

I have been lobbying for more bike racks for over a year now, to no avail. I guess I’m going to be taking my bike up into my building from now on.

Fail number 2: I still don’t have my Texas drivers license, even though it has been 67 days since I renewed it. It’s even been over three weeks since I first contacted the DPS and was told the license would be remade and resent. Today I found out why it’s taking so long:

You will be mailed out a temporary permit today while you receive your license in the mail. Apparently the license was not remade when the visitor status was updated. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.

In essence, they cut up my old drivers license, updated their internal database, and never mailed me a new license. Good job, Texas DPS. I’m glad I have an international drivers license as a backup.


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