A Nice Monday

I had a very nice Monday today. Corky asked me to take over his lecture in COMP 311 today while he is at SPLASH/OOPSLA. I handed out the exam and reviewed the sample midterm. I’m quite happy about how the class period went.

I ran out of time towards the end, so I didn’t do the hand evaluation or parameter passing in detail, but I think I communicated the gist of it. I think on Wednesday I’ll ask if anyone has already taken the exam, and if not, review a bit more.

After that, I headed over to my customer meeting with the COMP 410 students. I was a bit late, and they apparently were hoping I hadn’t made it back from Europe yet, because they needed a few more days for their prototype.

And after that I went to yoga. I needed that hour. Now I’ll see if I can get to bed before it’s Tuesday.


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