SplashMoney for Android 4.7.6 – What a Disappointment

I had used SplashMoney for Palm for years, and it was a fantastic product. When I got my new HTC EVO Android phone, getting SplashMoney was the first thing I did. Oh, what a disappointment that was.

  1. The program crashes, most of the time right after I enter my password.
  2. The program is slow–I have a new EVO, but it takes seconds for an account to open, even though that was immediate on my 3.5 year-old Palm Treo 755p.
  3. Why can’t I resize the columns?
  4. Why can’t I select what columns to show?
  5. Why can’t I change the sort order?
  6. Where do I set up my scheduled transactions?
  7. Where do I see the upcoming transactions?
  8. I really need to have my desktop SplashMoney application running to synchronize? How pedestrian. There has to be a better way.
  9. And the desktop sync most of the time doesn’t even find the desktop application anyway.

This program is a real shame. It’s unusable. I’m tempted to ask for my money back, but that doesn’t get rid of how disappointed I am. This is not SplashMoney, it’s TrashMoney. And there are so many problems with this piece of software, as is apparent from this forum, that it’s surprising that the latest version is two months old.

What’s going on, SplashData? What are your release plans? What bugs do you promise to fix, by when? What missing features do you promise to deliver?

Or do I really need to ask for my money back and look for a different product?


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