FedEx Lost My $1500 Package from Dell

I ordered a new computer from Dell a couple of weeks ago, and it was supposed to be delivered yesterday. I work, you know, so I wasn’t here when FedEx attempted to deliver it. And because it’s a pricey item, I have to sign for it, so FedEx couldn’t just leave it with the apartment manager.

Because I work, you know, I knew I wouldn’t be at home to accept it today either. Or tomorrow. I therefore requested FedEx to hold it at their store at 5963 Corson Ave S. I got a notice today that it was available for pickup. After work, I drove there, expecting to receive a nice Dell box.

Except it wasn’t a Dell box. I told Sarif, the FedEx employee there, that I didn’t think that was my package. We looked more closely, and I found a FedEx address sticker. I pointed at it, saying “That’s not me.” He, on the other hand, pointed at another FedEx address sticker, saying “That is you.”

Marvelous. You FedEx geniuses put my address sticker on someone else’s package when you tried to redirect my package to the FedEx store.

Sarif asked what I expected the package to contain. I told him it was supposed to be a computer from Dell. Sarif carefully opened the package and found some lighting products in it. Lamps. It’s not surprising that I didn’t accept the package.

Sarif told me that he would talk to his manager, and that I have to call FedEx customer service.

That’s what I just did. I talked to Brianna. Well, first I talked to a robot and had to dictate my tracking number. Then I talked to Brianna, and I had to give her my tracking number again. She also verified my name and the original address.

She then put me on hold, and when she returned, she had come to the conclusion that it’s Dell’s fault and that there is nothing FedEx can do. She says Dell must have put two address stickers on the box.

Yeah, maybe, but then why wasn’t it a Dell box? Unless, of course, Dell is also shipping lamps.

This is so, sooo, soooo clearly FedEx’s fault, but they won’t fess up.

Now I have contacted Dell and told them the package is lost. I need to wait 24 hours for Dell to get back in touch with me. Most likely, they will want to investigate where the package is and what happened. And then, in a week or so, when we all (except FedEx, perhaps) have agreed that it was FedEx’s fault and that the package is lost, I will have to wait a couple of weeks for a new computer to be built and shipped.

I hope it ships with UPS.


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