FedEx Horror, Continued

I got an encouraging email from Dell today. Apparently, someone at Dell had talked to FedEx, and they said my package is ready for pickup at the store.

Unfortunately, I just talked to the FedEx store where the package is supposed to have been held for me, and I was told the correct package has not arrived. I called the national FedEx 1-800 customer service number, and all they could tell me was that “tracking says it is at the store”. Obviously that is not the case, and tracking is wrong.

My package is still lost. Nobody I talked to knows where the package is.

James, a customer service representative on the FedEx 1-800 number, said I should talk to the Kent, Washington location, because that’s where the package was relabeled, but that location closed at 5 PM. I asked if he had a phone number, and James said yes, but repeated that the location was closed already. I asked if I could have the phone number anyway, and he said “no, it’s for internal use only.”

Great, thanks. You are so helpful. FedEx customer service strikes out again.

I will try to contact the FedEx store and the national FedEx customer service line again tomorrow, but I don’t have high hopes. FedEx has been tremendously unhelpful. Furthermore, it is not my job to find where my package has gone lost. I expect it to be delivered. I have paid for the merchandise; I want it delivered. Dell and FedEx can sort out the problems without me.


I just drove to the FedEx store again. As I expected, but contrary to what Dell and the national FedEx customer service line told me, the package is not there. It is still lost.


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