People Who Crash into Cars I’m in Continue to Suck

The accident last week was the second time that I was involved in a car accident (it happened more often if you count cars hitting me on a bike).

The first time, a Houston rapper rear-ended my friend’s car, with my friend and me in it, and totaled it. He had an insurance card that he handed over, but what we didn’t know was that he had canceled the policy. He had had enough money to buy his new car in cash, but then he was too stingy to have the legally-required insurance.

You suck, man.

The accident last week wasn’t nearly as bad. Some people might not even care. There is some bent metal on the fender and a bunch of long scratches. The woman gave me her insurance card and her phone number. I talked to her insurance last week, but they didn’t get anywhere, because the phone number they had wasn’t working. I tried calling her, and it was the same number. She had given me a phone number that didn’t work.

That sucks too.

I tracked her down on Google and called her at work. I’m glad she honored my request to call her insurance as soon as possible. She acknowledged she was at fault, and now I can go get an estimate. She stunned me a little, though, when she grumpily said “I’m disappointed you got the insurance involved. I wish you had just gotten an estimate, and I would have paid for the repairs.” Tough luck, missy.

A co-worker of mine had the perfect response. He asked, “Did you say ‘I’m disappointed you hit my car’?” I wish I had.


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