Time Wasted

Today was a true Monday — not a pleasant day. Except for maybe an hour at work and two hours at the gym, it was nothing but wasted time. I took my car to the shop today to have the damage from the January 4 accident repaired, then drove a rental car directly to work. It’s a Toyota Corolla. I like the Corolla a lot, but compared to my Camry, it’s decidedly less sophisticated. At least traffic wasn’t bad. On Wednesday or Thursday, I’m supposed to get my car back. Even though the other driver’s insurance is paying, this incident is probably going to cost me about $200 and 15 hours of my spare time.

When I arrived at work, I found that construction workers had built an office around two cubes nearby, and all our computers had been unplugged. Without warning. My desktop wasn’t starting up anymore. I got it to boot with the integrated graphics again, but the dual-head on the dedicated card wasn’t working anymore.

I tried to re-position the video card, but after about four hours, I gave up and started working with just one monitor. IT support later took a look at it. The desktop must have really been knocked around. There was a big, biiig dent in the case, and the video card had to be bent back into the slot with more force than I was willing to exert. But fortunately, all is working again.

Dent in my work desktop.

Dent in my work desktop.

All in all, I probably got one hour of work in today. I’m disappointed. What turned my Monday around, though, was my visit at the gym. I swam more than I’ve probably ever swum before. It felt good.


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