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I went to a “Capturing True Emotion” photography workshop today. I’ve had my Canon G12 for over a year now, and I’ve passed my trusted Canon A610 on to my mom, but I still haven’t used the G12 very much. In fact, I probably still take better pictures with the A610 than with the G12, just because I don’t know it.

I figured I needed to spend some time with it, and what better way than to pay for it? I’m frugal, so there’s no skipping out of a paid workshop.

The first four hours of the workshop weren’t so great. It was at the Museum of Flight, in movie theater-style seating, for about 200 people. The information density was incredibly low in the first hour and the half, and anyone easily could have skipped that without missing any relevant information. It was mostly the instructor talking about how cool traveling and shooting weddings was. After that, we started talking about ISO, aperture, shutter speed, and so on. That was more interesting and useful.

The last two hours, after lunch, were by far the most useful. We went outside, where it was freezing, and practiced different ways to shoot. The trick that I got down pretty well was blurring the background using aperture. I think I took some neat pictures.

I have noticed, though, that my point-and-shoot definitely has some limitations, and I almost want a DSLR now. I can’t go to a very small aperture, for example, and when I zoom, I can’t have a very large aperture anymore. A lens for my camera might help, but I’m not sure if that makes sense. I’ll see how much I use the G12 this year and then decide what to purchase.


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