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Ok, so it seems like I’m approaching the stage where I have to send out copies of my draft to my very friendly committee members. A lot of things are there, though I admit I have not checked for spelling mistakes, bad wording or layout problems. I just focused on getting content down.

Tomorrow, I think, I’ll provide the committee members a duplex printout of the current version and ask them to scribble any notes they have on the paper, or point out my mistakes in any way they feel comfortable. I’ll also ask a few of my friends to proof-read. While all of that is going on, I’ll flip through my blog to see if I have forgotten anything that is really crucial.

Well, and then, once the feedback from the committee members is in, I have to schedule a defense date. Do I want to defend before my mom gets here for her summer vacation, or do I let her be part of my audience? Of course I’d want her to be there, the problem is just that I have so many serious things going on in my family, I don’t want to be disturbed until this thing is done. And I also don’t want to make it seem like I’m using my mom to get my committee off my back. Anyway, I think now people (including me) have some reading ahead, and then I’ll either make improvements and get back to them, or we schedule a defense. Then I get to make a PowerPoint presentation about all of this. Yay.

So far, writing has been an interesting experience: Without a doubt, I can say that I’ve never written anything at this length. I’ve never got involved with anything this in-depth. However, sometimes I got bored writing about something that I had already done half a year ago and that worked. It felt like “I want to do something new!”

Now, when the MS defense is coming closer, though, I realize that after the MS are a lot more challenges for me. I need to pass the candidacy exam, and I need to finally get that replay algorithm to work, something I botched up but half a dozen other groups got working. I just hope that I have learned enough to get my second attempt to work.


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