FedEx Nightmare Ended, Setting Up Quad-Core Desktop

My FedEx nightmare ended. The package was found at a warehouse and then delivered to the FedEx store where I had requested it to be held. One thing that worried me a little was that it was listed as “Delivered, signed by xxx” instead of “Held at yyy, ready for pickup.” But all turned out well, and the employee at the FedEx store were all very nice, and they were never at fault anyway. The FedEx people at the 1-800 number, on the other hand, were, without exception, complete failures. You should do FedEx a favor and quit.

Now I’m setting up my quad-core desktop. I think I’ve gotten used to Windows 7 by now because my work laptop and media PC already use it, so I guess I can move on from my 10-year-old Windows XP (which I only started using in 2007, if I recall correctly).

I’m remembering how much I hate setting up computers and installing programs.

The computer seems nice, but it has surprisingly few USB ports: Two at the top, five at the back, and none at the front. Internally, it only has PCI-Express. I’ll probably have to invest in a PCI-Express x1 USB controller, and maybe in a PCI-Express x1 video card, unless I can get both the dedicated NVIDIA card and the on-board video port to work simultaneously. Got any recommendations?


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