Hike 40 of 2016: Another Trip Up Mount Si

Yesterday, on December 30, we were kicked out of work because we were moved from one building to another. Forced day off. I took the opportunity to complete hike number 40 of the year. Unfortunately, Jenny couldn’t get the day off from work, and I had to go by myself.

The avalanche forecast predicted considerable danger, which limited my choices a bit. I also didn’t want to stay out for too long, since we had planned to have a friend over in the evening.

I therefore defaulted to Mount Si, the old Mountaineers treadmill. But it was a gorgeous day. Starting at about 1.6 miles, there was snow. I don’t have microspikes, only full crampons, and that seemed like overkill, so I moved a bit more cautiously just in my boots. Mount Teneriffe and a very snowy Mailbox Peak showed off their beauty.

I’m quite happy that I made it to 40 hikes this year. That’s 12 more than in 2015, and 2015 was my most active year before.







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