My Erd?s Number

I listened to Moshe Vardi’s World Logic Day talk “From Aristotle to the iPhone” (recording to be released later). The chain of influences was quite illuminating.

That made me think of how I fit into the world of mathematics. I know I had calculated my ErdÅ‘s number at one point, but I couldn’t find it anymore. I myself haven’t authored any mathematics papers, of course, but there are computer scientists who bridge that gap.

So I used a list of Erdős collaborators, which I confirmed using the MathSciNet tool. Then I used a similar tool for computer scientists from

It turns out my ErdÅ‘s numbers is at most 4 (I didn’t check all of ErdÅ‘s’ collaborators, so it could be lower, although I find that unlikely).

Here’s the collaboration chain:

4. Mathias Ricken co-authored 2 papers with
3. Vivek Sarkar co-authored 2 papers with
2. Nimrod Megiddo co-authored 3 papers with
1. Miklós Ajtai co-authored 1 paper with
0. Paul Erdős

Small, small world.


Turns out I didn’t have to do any of this search manually. My author page on already states:

Collaborative distances:

Dijkstra number of four.
Erdős number of four.


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